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How to Register a Business in Ontario


If you would like to run your business in Ontario, you first have to get what is known as the Master Business License and must register a company name. You can achieve it in one of three possible ways, either in person by visiting Service Center, by email or online via a third party supplier. You might even employ a lawyer to perform the Ontario company registration procedure for you. However, this can be a lengthier procedure and much more costly.


The entity you need to enroll with is the Ministry of Government Services' Companies and Personal Property Security Branch. It issues the Master Business License that reveals your registration number for a proof which you may lawfully conduct business in Ontario.


Step one into the Ontario business enrollment procedure is to pick a title for your company that's in accordance with the Business Names Act. Fundamentally, to get a sole proprietorship, you may use your own name, but a small variation as well as will need submitting another legal entity name to your business enterprise. You can find more about what you can and cannot do within a local office or branch.


If you would like to choose the swiftest approach to an Ontario business enrollment, you can enroll online via the Service Ontario website to which you can enroll your business' name and in precisely the same time enroll with different jurisdictions to acquire applicable account numbers.


Utilizing online services by Opstart may mean that a relatively rapid turnaround as well concerning having your Master Business License. You can receive this in digital PDF format. Otherwise, you may receive a hard copy through email. But before doing something else, then you want to do a business name search to find out whether your considered business name is enrolled.


Again, you can register your Ontario business license Online also, and it will be a legal necessity as a way to conduct business in Ontario. Bear in mind, if you are uncomfortable transacting online or do not need to perform it in person; you can do this via email by downloading the necessary forms on the internet and then mailing them in the address mentioned on these forms.


Registering the company name is the very first step. After you have done so, it is possible to incorporate your company and then to get the additional pertinent licenses and certificates required that are unique to the nature of your business. Watch this video at for more info about business startups.